Hello and welcome to my online consultation where I can give you your dominant colouring type and some information on that which will help you to make more informed choices about what colours to wear especially near your face.


In order to look our best we aim to wear colours near our face that are 'in harmony' with our look. If we have dark eyes and dark hair we would look for rich deep colours to compliment us, if we have light hair and blue eyes we would look for light colours. 


At Colour me Beautiful we also have make up that is categorised per dominant so we can guide you to wearing the right make up shades that are going to make you look fantastic naturally. For example, if you are a 'soft' then you need soft and muted shades in comparison to a 'clear' who needs strong bright shades. 


If you are interested in finding out your dominant colouring and would like to send me a photo of yourself with a little extra information, then I can reply to you with your dominant and I will send in the post a couple of colour cards which will give you some guidance to the sort of colours that you should look for and the make up that's going to work.


You can buy your make up through my website too. I am proud to be part of Colour me Beautiful as their products are fantastic. The make up is very good quality and it's so empowering to know that it suits too. It makes wearing make up so much fun!


In order to do this consultation I need you to 'buy now' a consultation from me and when send your photo with your extra details through this online form.  Please make sure that the name on the payment reference is referenced in the form so I can match it up. 


After that I will get back to you within 7 working days with your dominant and some more interesting information to help personalise your clothing and make up choices. 


Due to the nature of people having so many variable characteristics (especially through hair colour) you may fall between two dominants (both being great on you). In this case I shall send you information on both. Should I still need more information I'll contact you directly. 




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Name: Caroline Dallas

Address : 48 Parkway, Newbury, Berkshire Rg14 1AY. U.K


Email Id:


Phone No: 07387 223878

Eye Colour: Green/hazel

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Skin: Fair

Gift Voucher number: Online Consultation

Please upload a photo similar to this. In natural daylight with your hair loose and your face make up free if possible.