The make up sessions are a brilliant way to update your look on a budget as the right shade of lipstick and eye colour can completely change the way you look. It is amazing how much a face can come to life with a pop of colour that compliments.

All our ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ make up is fantastic quality - organic, vegan and cruelty free so we are proud to use it and to have such a great selection of colours. We will work out your dominant colouring and find the right foundation, powder, mascara, eye shadow and lipsticks/lip glosses for you. If you have any discolouration we can use special concealers under your foundation to give you a flawless look. I will also teach you for example how to apply your eye make up correctly so that you’re creating an illusion of an almond shape eye.



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Caroline Dallas Stylist

At Beauty at Luna
Studio 2, 47 Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1AY