Would you like to know your dominant colouring and best shades of clothing and make up to wear? I’m bringing colour consultations to you in the comfort of your own home. You will receive a booklet in the post which is A5 and perfectly handy to take everywhere you go. Just upload a photo of yourself in the format shown and your eye and hair colour and I’ll do the rest.

Have you always wanted to know what body shape you actually have and what this means in clothing? I can help you know who you are and what shapes work well for you and therefore what to avoid. In order to do this I will need some measurements so please follow the instructions and I will send you a booklet about your body shape and what styles to go for.

Disclaimer: sometimes due the complex nature of us as humans, it’s not always possible to do this accurately from a photo. At this point I will contact you to either to an online video call but if you’d prefer not then I would refund you.



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Caroline Dallas Stylist

At Beauty at Luna
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