A 2 hour colour consultation is all about working out what colours, shades and tones of colours will suit you best. We also work out what combinations are fantastic on you as well as your perfect make up colours. You will learn whether to look for cool (blue based) or warm (yellow based) colours, you’ll know whether you suit light or deep shades and whether soft muted tones or bright clear tones match your colouring.

We will look at your make up bag and see whether what you have compliments you or not and then if you’re happy to I will show you what make up to use and how to apply your blusher and eye shadow correctly. This will also include showing you your perfect colour palette and the opportunity to buy it if you like. You will take away a colour swatch wallet with 42 colours and shades that suit you with the combinations that we will have discussed so they are personal and wearable options for you to go forward with.


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