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A 2 hour colour consultation is all about working out what colours, shades and tones of colours will suit you best. We also work out what combinations are fantastic on you as well as your perfect make up colours. You will learn whether to look for cool (blue based) or warm (yellow based) colours, you’ll know whether you suit light or deep shades and whether soft muted tones or bright clear tones match your colouring.

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This is super fun way to spend a day or evening with some friends, family or work colleagues! Usually a maximum of 6 people. For a celebration we can add refreshments, bubbly and/or balloons as well! For party bookings I always bring a treat for the host on the evening too.

For a ‘Colour Party’ all the group will learn their dominant colouring and best make up. We can look at day time and evening colours and different looks. We will also go through a good skin care routine with our amazing organic, vegan and cruelty free ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ skin care range which includes some delicious essential oils.


For a ‘Style Party’ we will find out the body shape of each of the group and then identify the best styles each individual should go for. We’ll give you tips on how to dress cleverly that will flatter each particular body type.

£45 per person

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Feel amazing with a full wardrobe edit! This can only be done after a body shape style consultation and knowing your dominant colours as this information is essential to work out what we keep or pass on. It’s such a wonderful feeling to get rid of clothes that just don’t work on you and are taking up space and stopping you from utilising your great pieces in your wardrobe.

We can even look at working new combinations of your older clothes to bring a new lease of life to them. They may just need a new scarf or a different colour necklace. Often it’s just a pop of lipstick that will do the trick too and maybe a better eye colour. This is one of my most popular services as it’s such a wonderful deep cleanse that most of us need.

£65 per hour

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Wardrobe De Clutter Main Pic.jpg


Hello and welcome to my online consultation where I can give you your dominant colouring type and some information that will help you to make more informed choices about what colours to wear especially near your face.


In order to look our best we aim to wear colours near our face that are 'in harmony' with our look. If we have dark eyes and dark hair we would look for rich deep colours to compliment us, if we have light hair and blue eyes we would look for light colours. 


At Colour me Beautiful we also have make up that is categorised per dominant so we can guide you to wearing the right make up shades that are going to make you look fantastic. For example, if you are a 'soft' then you need soft and muted shades in comparison to a 'clear' who needs strong bright shades. 


If you are interested in finding out your dominant colouring and would like to send me a photo of yourself with a little extra information, then I can reply to you with your dominant and I will send in the post a couple of colour cards which will give you some guidance to the sort of colours that you should look for and the make up that's going to work.


You can buy your make up through my website too. 


In order to do this consultation I need you to 'buy now' a consultation from me and when send your photo with your extra details through this online form.  Please make sure that the name on the payment reference is referenced in the form so I can match it up. 


After that I will get back to you within 7 working days with your dominant and some more interesting information to help personalise your clothing and make up choices. 


Due to the nature of people having so many variable characteristics (especially through hair colour) you may fall between two dominants (both being great on you). In this case I shall send you information on both. Should I still need more information I'll contact you directly. 




Conference talks are increasingly popular as it is making the concept of colour and style open to everyone and therefore accessible. I feel that generally people don’t always know where to start with this subject and as it’s a personal journey, doing a talk allows people to get to know me a bit and to  feel more at ease at booking to see me.


I try to make my talks as engaging as I can with props and to engage people as much as I can.

By doing a talk you can give a big group of people an interesting subject point (everyone wants to know who they are) and you can explain an overview of the whole subject. 

from £100

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Come for a great morning out with me sourcing your best clothing from the High Street or online if you would prefer. Once we know your best colours and your body shape we can find the perfect clothing for you which is going to make you look fantastic and feel good every day!

Learn what to look for when you’re shopping on your own after that or call me back for some more help.  I feel that if you are equipped with the knowledge of why you are who you are you can make informed choices without me moving forwards.

I’ll always make you feel relaxed and will make the day, morning or afternoon fun with refreshments when needed! All budgets catered for.

£65 per hour 

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A Personal styling session is all about working out what shape you have and therefore what clothing and accessories are going to be the most flattering to balance your proportions and make you look your best.

We all fall into 6 categories of body shape and where the most well known is the hour glass, we also have the triangle, inverted triangle, oval, rectangle and lean column. We also look at where your waist is in proportion to your height and your ‘rise’ area so we can see whether high waisted trousers are going towork or whether it’s better to lower your waist with a belt for example to balance you.

This is a fun session where you learn about yourself and you’ll really take away some confidence in who you are and how to make the best of yourself.


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The make up sessions are a brilliant way to update your look on a budget as the right shade of lipstick and eye colour can completely change the way you look. It is amazing how much a face can come to life with a pop of colour that compliments.


I have trained in make up and have a great selection of tried and tested products that I can show you and why they are my favourite. I'll show you how to contour and blend and how a lip liner will become your new best friend!

We will work out your dominant colouring and find the right foundation, powder, mascara, eye shadow and lipsticks/lip glosses for you. If you have any discolouration we can use special concealers under your foundation to give you a flawless look. I will also teach you for example how to apply your eye make up correctly so that you’re creating an illusion of an almond shape eye.

I am booked to do make up at London Fashion Week 2020 so photos of my work will follow then. 

£45 per hour

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“Hello! My name is Caroline and I’ve been running my fashion boutiques for 8 years. People were always asking me for advice on which colours and style of clothing would suit them best. It’s what I loved advising and now with the addition of being an actual qualified image consultant with ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ I can now offer this as an entire new service.

I work from our studio in Parkway Shopping Centre in Newbury, behind Costa Coffee, but I am also happy to come to an appointment in your home. Please contact me to discuss. The studio has a relaxed feel, aided by scented candles and soft music, which makes it an all round lovely experience.

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